List of Contributors

Abi Goodman Dione Swift Jim Medway Melanie Miller
Aferdita Kulla Dot Jo Andrews Michael Brennand-Wood
Agron Blakçori Elaine Wilson Jo Budd Michele Friswell
Ajshe Blakçori Emily Pitts Joan Baxter Naniie Bim
Alex Russell Emma Louise Minshall Jodie Edwards Naori Priestly
Ali Neilly Faye Metcalf Jodie Heaton Natalie Davies
Alice Cole Fazli Blakçori Jordan Hargreaves Ness Donnelly
Alice Colson Fiona Josie Hunter Nicola Bayley
Alice Kettle Fiona Curran Jules Lewis Noor Kimit
Alison Tribe Freddie Robins Kandy Diamond Norman Gibson
Alljan Moehamad Freyia Lillian Porteous Karen Nicol Peg Salam-Smith
Amy Tidmarsh Gill Hamill Kati Simpson Penny Leaver Green
Andy Smith Gill Sharp Katie Richard Colson
Angela Knipe Grace DuPrez Katie Lawes Roanna Wells
Anglea Stead Hava Nevezi Katy Stoor Robin Stevenson
Anne Jones Hayley Godrey Kazuhito Takadoi Roree Windus
Anne Wilson Heather MacDonald Kiran Lee Rosie James
Annie Harrison Heather Tribe Lani Irving Ruth Evans
Anthony Zinonos Helen Mather Laura Faithfull Sarah Burgess
Arja Suddens Isabel Dibden Wright Laura Jane Atkinson Sarah Morpeth
Aya Kakeda J Kenworthy Lauren Steeper Sarah Walton
Ayasha Wood J Spedding Lily Fulvio-Mason Seleena Laverne Daye
B.L.C J Straw Linda Miller Silver Shauna
Becca Fielding Jackie Lora Avedian Sophie Corfan
Benjamin Fletcher Jackie Lucy Burbeck Stephanie Estall Knight
Besnik Kulla Jane Bonney Lumjetë Havolli Stephen Raw
Bridget Schilizzi Jane McKeating Lynn Setterington Stuart Rees
Burhan Blakçori Janet Haigh Maggie Howell Sue Prestbury
Caren Garfen Jennie Morris Mandi Tom Vousden
Carol Newman Jenny Mandy Tolley Vicky Mellor
Caroline Kirton Jenny Bordoli Maria Walker Zarife Kulla
Chloe Hamill Jenny Stevenson Mark Beecroft Zoe Utley
Claire Lane Jenny Stoor Mark Matcham
Conall O’Brien Jenny Wightwick Mary Clark
Courtney Maddison Jessica Killen Matthew Harris

5.8 x 4.1 Exhibition has been organised by final year embroidery students at Manchester Metropolitan University to raise funds for career development by promoting their work to future employers.

We asked various artists, particularly those who use stitch, to contribute postcard size work and we have been delighted by the response. Some of the contributors are distinguished in their field including members of staff at Manchester School of Art.

Many of the exhibits have been donated by artists we know or whose work we have seen and been inspired by as well as by students at MMU.

The exhibition includes work by professional and self-taught artists and we have been touched by the generosity of people wanting to support us on our creative path. We recently received work donated by artists in Kosovo and a textile group in Portsmouth.


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